Quite often we get a number of Pre-owned model trains and items relating to model railways and train sets that fall into the category of Collectors Items. Some are in pristine condition and others in need of some tender loving care.

Keep popping back regularly to see what we have.

South African Railways
Tri-Ang Hornby

                          Marklin Collectors Items


Marklin 3013 SHE 800 metal body Overhead Electric Loco - NS blue

Marklin 3015 CE618 Krokodil Overhead Electric locomotive

Marklin 3021 DB Diesel locomotive Br V 200

Marklin 3031 DB BR 81 Tender locomotive

Marklin 4024 Dining car

Marklin 4026 baggage car

Marklin 4027 Express coach

Marklin 4503 Low Side Wagon

Marklin 4611 crane wagon "Krupp-Ardelt"

Marklin 4613 Auto transporter

Marklin 4617  low-bed articulated wagon with AEG transformer

Marklin 4900 BP tanker

Marklin 4909 Box car Jamaica

Marklin 4511 Braunkohlenstaub Silo wagon

Marklin 5100 model train track

Marklin 5104 model train track

Marklin 5105 model train track

Marklin 5106 model train track

Marklin 5112 model train track

Marklin 5117 model train track ponits

Marklin 5100 model train track

Marklin 5140 model train track

Marklin 5200 model train track

Marklin 7036 model train signal

Marklin 7039 model train signal

Marklin 7040 model train signal

Marklin 7041 model train signal

Marklin 7192 Automatic level crossing


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