For many years Frateschi have manufactured model trains. They manufacture a number of Spoornet Model Trains which will delight the collector of South African Railways Locomotives and Rolling Stock. A must have selection of items for a South African model train layout.

This page shows a selection of Frateschi Model Trains available at the Model Train shop, located at Honey Crest Shopping Centre, in Randpark Ridge, Randburg, South Africa.

They can be ordered by making use of our Contact Us details

Frateschi 2579 Spoornet Coal Hopper 60177-047 h0

Frateschi 2581 SAR Petrol Tanker brown 38-017377 h0

Frateschi 2582 SAR hopper brown 80164-476 h0

Frateschi 3103d Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-102 Orange h0 Dummy

Frateschi 3103p Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-107 Orange h0 Powered

Frateschi 3160d Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-401 Blue h0 Dummy

Frateschi 3160p Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-481 Blue h0 Powered

Frateschi 3162d Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-501 Red h0 Dummy

Frateschi 3162p Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-509 Red h0 Powered

Frateschi 3163p Class 31 Spoornet diesel 31-102 Red h0 Powered

Frateschi 3164d Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-526 Blue h0 Dummy

Frateschi 3164p Class 34 Spoornet diesel 34-525 Blue h0 Powered

Frateschi 3171p Class 34 Sheltam diesel 15 h0 Powered


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